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Click here to play "Waltz for Mom"

It's a nice waltz I wrote for my mom a few months after we lost her in ‘06. Miss ya, Mom.

Scenic Roots
Folk-Rock World-Roots Jam

This eclectic trio brings to the stage a vast array of styles, sounds and influences, painting a broad spectrum of musical landscapes.

The ensemble is led by multi-stringed instrumentalist Joe Cruz, who entertains with an arsenal of acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, and Dobro, and sings songs from such great artists as Paul Simon, Eric Clapton and Ben Harper, to name a few.   He takes you into the realms of jazz and blues, and transcends into infectious Latin beats and shredding electric guitar a la Santana. Back in the engine room holding down the drums, Joel Arpin offers up rhythms and beats from reggae to samba,  swing to swampy two-beat, African rhythms to funky R & B backbeat, creating a wave for all to ride. The foundation and bottom end of the group is commanded by bassist Kevin Rowe. A solid groovemeister and skilled improviser, he brings a worldly sophisticated sensibility with a background in classical music, along with jazz and world beat.

The Barley Jacks with Brian Wicklund

“Synergy is the interaction of forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual parts.” – an apt description for the Barley Jacks. Brian’s mastery of the fiddle and mandolin is perfectly complemented by the virtuosity of Joe Cruz on guitar and Kevin Rowe on bass.